Just came in: Palamides SIMA 220 automatic mail delivery system


We have a Palamides Sima 220 mail delivery line available. Year of built 2015 (!!). Was connected to a Buhrs BB700 envelpe inserter and and automates the presorting and letter tray preparation processes.Palamides SIMA 220 post boxen system - traying machine - postboxen system - 2015 (1)

The delivery checks for open flaps, non-readable addresses, and IMB Barcodes then automatically rejects any letter that should not be delivered. Various reading systems are available for the sima, from simple print mark readers up to a server based OCR/IMB reading system connected to the Digital Front End. Our patented collection unit safely stacks the envelopes individually- without contacting each othermaking twisting or interleaving almost impossible.

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