Stand-alone feeders

Used and new stand alone feeders

Buhrs HF3 friction feeder

– Friction feeder with bottom fed which makes this feeder the best Used Buhrs HF3 stand alone friction feedersolutions to feed difficult materials like z-fold, oblong and so on. This feeder is to be placed on Buhrs BB300 10k envelope inserters. We also have stand-alone HF3 friction feeders available to be placed and connected to any machine

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Buhrs HF 4 friction vacuum feederUsed Buhrs HF4 feeder - gebraucht Buhrs HF 4anleger - gebruikte occasie Buhrs HF 4 feeder (2)

– Buhrs HF4 friction vacuum feeder, bottom fed. A briljant feeders which can be placed on your existing line, envelope inserter and or wrapping system.

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Longford C700 TW  friction feeder (new!)Used Longford friction feeder

– Friction feeder bottom fed
– movable frame
– Including all factory options like photocell and encoder for connection
– Processing up to 25 mm thickness
– miss and double sheet detection

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New stand alone friction feeders for the price of a used one!Stand alone UMS friction feeder

– Friction feeder top fed
– To be connected to any machine and document processing system
– Optional with frame, batch counter and conveyor
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Used POPP friction feeder available! This feeder has been sold!Stand alone Popp friction feeder - friktion anleger - frictiefeeder (2)

This friction feeder, also known as feeding station, is in a stand-alone version. So very easy to connect to other systems like gathering machines, collating machinery, envelope inserters and foil wrapping machinery. .

Type MAX 063-03
Year of built 2003 but not often used. So the feeder is in excellent condition!