Used Buhrs ITM (W+D) BB700 servo envelope inserting system available. Fully maintained!

Used – second hand – Buhrs BB700 – 14k – C6 up to C4 envelope inserter – 2007

The BB700 Buhrs inserter is a used envelope inserter which is the fastest envelope inserting system in the back then Buhrs ITM and since 2010 W+D range and is the best partner you can find for processing transactional production where intelligent processes and personalization of documents is most important.

Machine speed of this used Buhrs BB700 inserter is 14.000 envelopes per hour. Envelope sizes C6 up to B4. System is completely servo driven.It always offers security and reliability. But also Direct Mail provider will find a multitude of application possibilities with this Buhrs BB700 envelope inserter.

The servo driven feeders of this Buhrs BB700 used inserting system can be placed in any position, and can also be mounted on every other envelope inserting system of this product family.

Manufacturer: Buhrs – W+D
Model: BB700 14K
Year: 2007 – completely maintained by us!

– 6 station base
– 3 vacuum rotary feeders
– 1 frictionfeeder
– 1 divert bin
– Autoloader envelope station
– Conveyor belt

Other feeders and additional camera’s possible!

Mechanical performance: 14,000 envelopes per   hour
Envelope formats: min.  105 x 162 mm
max. 250 x 353 mm
Product formats: min.  80 x 100 mm
max. 229 x 324 mm
Product width: min. single sheet 80 g/m²
max. 15 mm

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